For the past year, we’ve been assembling a collection of 100 unique vintage Heuer timepieces, from mounted dash timers to big name models (like the Autavia & Carrera) to the rare and downright obscure.

We did it because in a lot of ways, Heuer represents the best of watchmaking—in the brand’s heyday, they managed to cross the pop culture divide in a way few others could replicate (OMEGA and Rolex come to mind as exceptions). During the “height” of mechanical watchmaking in the mid-20th century, Heuer seems to dominate current conversation around sports watches of the time. Partly thanks to Jack Heuer’s finely-honed marketing sense, and partly thanks to Heuer’s well-designed, purpose-built models, there’s no doubt Heuer made its name with racing. And Heuer’s joint venture with Breitling and other firms to complete the first automatic winding chronograph certainly qualifies it for some serious watchmaking recognition.

As the watch community at large gives more and more attention to vintage, there’s no surprise that Heuer continues to be part of the conversation. So what better way to celebrate the Heuer legacy than by showcasing some of its best work?

Hamilton Powell and the C&C Team

An Expert’s Perspective

There’s no way we can consider ourselves wholly knowledgeable on the topic of Heuer, which is why our friend Jeff Stein from OnTheDash.com has taken the time to personally look through the watches included in the Heuer 100. He’s given some insight into the types of watches you’ll find for sale, made note of details on individual timepieces, and offered his opinion on what, ultimately, makes these watches so valuable. You can find his commentary on individual Item Numbers or in our Complete Guide to Heuer 100.

Jeff Stein from On The Dash