Six Heuer Instagrams You Should Be Following

MORE THAN 400 MILLION people worldwide use Instagram. Thousands of them focus on luxury lifestyle; hundreds feature fine mechanical timepieces. If you’re a vintage-Heuer enthusiast, though — passionate about the Autavia, Carrera and Monaco Chronographs, plus all other models produced between 1962 and 1985 — these are the six accounts you need to follow.


1. calibre11


Any vintage-Heuer fan who’s on Instagram surely already knows about calibre11; with more than 22,000 followers, it’s by far the biggest such feed. Its watch images are a mix of studio shots (white seamless backdrop, at any rate) and on-the-wrist pics given luster by ambient light. Luxury travel destinations, cars and combinations thereof sometimes pop up, but what’s truly compelling here is calibre11’s unequaled mix of new TAG Heuers and vintage Heuers.


2. heuervintage


It’s easy to see why heuervintage is on its way to 12,000 followers: Its images, mostly close-ups on the wrist, are consistently crisp and clean. Ninety-nine percent of the watches it features are Heuer, though the odd vintage Rolex and Zenith make an occasional appearance — serving mainly to further underscore heuervintage’s curatorial mission of showing just how on-point Heuer has always been.


3. heuerville


Looking for a virtual friend? You just might find one here. It’s a noble effort, to be sure, but the curating is . . . well, let’s call it a nice mix (or, if we’re feeling uncharitable, a hodgepodge): Heuers on the wrist and off, on bands and off, some events, some Swiss Alpine landscapes. The mishmash, though, lends a warm, personal quality to the overall account.


4. heuerworld


Slick, beautifully and cleanly shot, stunning overall. A visual Heuer feast for the eyes, although — as with several of the accounts featured here — a few other brands show up now and again. At heart, though, it’s very much a Heuer feed: Autavia, Carrera, Monaco, Silverstone, Daytona, Monza, Camaro — they’re all here, and many more.


5. heuerfan


The appealingly eclectic heuerfan occasionally highlights other timepiece brands, as well as race cars (which makes sense), food (a watch lover’s gotta eat) and beer (man cannot live on watches, race cars, and food alone).


6. heuertime_abel_court


While this feed has the smallest following among these six, heuertime_abel_court is extremely visually arresting. It’s curated with passion: Heuers on wrists, case backs, dials, stopwatches, wristwatches, stills, and videos.

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